Angel prayer, Wednesday 11th June

Take a stroll   (prayer 85) 

Something magical happens when you take a walk. Your mind relaxes, your tension level is lowered, and you notice the details in your surroundings. The very act of walking is a rhythmic meditation that helps you hear yourself think. When you share this activity with a friend, your conversation adds a therapeutic element a well. So while you walk with a friend or by your self take time to notice your surroundings, such as smelling the nearby roses or a light conversation with your neighbours. You cant help but feel refreshed, relaxed and that you can finish unfinished work.

Thought for today 

I take a stroll anywhere my heart desires. I walk at an unhurried pace and stop to notice my surroundings, connect with nature, and talk to others. I allow my self the gift of time as I take a relaxed and leisurely walk.


Angel prayer, Tuesday 10th June

Know that you’ve found what you’re looking for. (prayer 154) 

Everything that you desire is already found the moment you think about it.

Instead of searching for what you want externally,concentrate on developing mental pictures of what you want to desire. Trust your angels and your object of desires should materialise and becomes yours. Remember not to be greedy or selfish. 

thought of the day 

everything I desire is within me right now. I open my arms to receive the universe’s gifts, keeping my thoughts positive. I trust that everything I want is already manifest, and I deserve this good.


Waking Spirals

“Information is just bits of knowledge.
Knowledge is putting them together.
Wisdom is transcending them.”
— Ram Dass

Please let me be wise and not know it.
For in the knowing I may give up
what has brought me there.
Let me know the pain within
and transcend it
so that I can show others how to do it for themselves
Please Show me how to embrace this planet
and those who dwell here.
For what use are facts and figures?
what use is knowing
if one cannot grant solace?
— G A Rosenberg

Blessings, G

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Will the Cave Hold That Which You Seek?Will The Cave Hold That Which You Seek? by G A Rosenberg

Scaled Down MandalaScaled Down Mandala by G A Rosenberg

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your imagination is the place where your future experiences  are constructed.You are like the chef who chooses and controls what’s placed into creation,no matter what the outside influences or circumstances are. What would you like to cook up in your mind? this decision has a direct bearing on your future experiences.naturally, you’d prefer to have happy encounters -but do you truly understand that you can ensure their occurrence?This is the day to take charge of your world and envision whatever elaborate and exotic future you desire.We’ll guide you and help you guard against placing unwanted elements into the mix. So dream big today.Whether it’s planning a comfortable and quite experience or one that’s challenging,make choices that truly mirror your innermost feelings.

Thought of the day

” I dream big, I let go of any limitations on my imagination,and i give voice to my inner wisdom and creative impulses.I shed past fears  and doubts,replacing them with courage and love. I nurture my future with the same care that I would give to a newborn baby.” Image,

update to the page

hey guys i thought i put up daily angel prayers.theses prayers come from a very special book given to me by a close and a dear friend of mine.given the fact that this page was originally for art i thought it be nice to have something different on the page. please feel free to contact me through this or my hot mail or twitter @james_lloyd3 thanks for taking your time to read and veiw my page.